Isaac Shapiro

During my time in India I also went to Lucknow for satsangs with Papaji. Back in Amsterdam I went every spring to the “Meetings in Truth” with Isaac Shapiro wich are based on the Advaita Vedanta philosophy.

Isaac shows in a simple way how to approach inner programmings, dealing with physical sensations, emotions, thoughts and is a wonderful and compassionte way to come out of identification of what you experience. To just be present with what ever there is in this moment in time. Also recommended if you want to go a step further and go beyond.

“The beauty of this invitation is that nothing needs to be changed, fixed, or eliminated. It is a non-dualistic, nonjudgmental enquiry into our present being. Everything happens through the agency of awareness.” – Isaac Shapiro

“My joy is the freshness that appears in the exploration of the moment. To see, as if you have never seen before… Just now! To hear, as if you have never heard before… Just now! To smell a rose, as if you have never smelt before.… Just now! To taste the nectar of existence, as if you have never tasted before… Just now! To feel the Beloved, as if you have never felt her before… Just now!” – Meike Schuett

“Meetings in Truth” with Isaac and Meike in Holland 2015 

April 30 & 31      Bergen             Evening meetings
May 1                   Bergen             Whole day intensive
May 3 till 14        Amsterdam    Evenings and weekends whole days intensive
May 15 till 29      Venwoude      Retreat
May 30 and 31    Amsterdam    Whole days intensive

“Meetings in Truth” with Meike in Holland 2015

May 5 & 12          Amsterdam     from 16 till 18 hour    For women only
May 4 & 11          Amsterdam     from 16 till 18 hour    For men only

If you want information on the meetings in

Amsterdam, please connect with: or
Bergen, please connect:
Venwoude, please connect with:

You can look at his website where you can sign up for the newsletter and find all kind of digital ways you can see and even join these meetings.

This information wil be updated in April 2015