Black Bear Digital Recordings

Many of the Shamanic teachings that I have received from Christopher Moon Bear stem from Black Bear. Here for you a possibility to buy some of the recorded Black Bear teachings.

Black Bear Digital Recordings Now Available!
These are recorded teachings from Black Bear, a Cherokee Shaman who lived over 400 years ago. Black Bear was channeled until 2000 through my Shamanic teacher Christopher Moon Bear. Each recording is full of philosophy, stories, and techniques for self-healing and  personal growth, guaranteed to make you think, laugh, even cry and hopefully help you to grow.
Many thanks to Black Bear for sharing your wisdom.

I am happy to let you know that you can buy the Black Bear recordings directly in digital download format on my website:
10% of the sale of these teachings go to charity.

If you have already the “old tapes” and you want the digital version, you can donate some money that will go towards a scholarship fund for people who cannot afford to attend sessions and or workshops.

Susan Wolf Star